About this website:

This is intended to be my little corner of the internet, where I can blog about something I find interesting, or about yet another small OSS project I did and published (one of the few that end up with enough quality to be released anyway).

About me:

I currently work as a Java architect, but please don’t judge me by the title, I believe that software architecture is a lot more than drawing some diagrams only to be gone afterwards, I still write code, and a lot of it.
It began when I was around 14 years old, on vacation with my parents I got a small book about creating websites, plain HTML, no CSS, no Javascript, I created one small website that was once hosted on geocities, from there on the interest just grew, taught myself how to program in VB6 by the age of 15, at highschool I had programming classes and always kept researching by myself, creating small projects in order to learn, finally went to university where I got a degree in software engineering, there I went through a huge list of languages, from C to Java with a lot more in between, finally settling on Java as my favorite language and of course making career out of it.