Hyper-V Integration Services for Gentoo and an overlay

My main problem with using Hyper-V is the lack of support for most of the Linux distributions, and since Microsoft only supports some officially, I decided I had to get the integration services working properly on Gentoo, after a lot of research I found this overlay and it contains the sys-apps/hv_kvp_daemon package just what I needed, but the version supported was older than my kernel, so I ended up writing my own ebuilds based on that one.

While working on that I found that there was another daemon for VSS, and because I have to use DPM to backup, and so far the backups of the VM’s were done Offline because the lack of compatibility, I decided to give it a try and build that one too.

The end result were two new daemons that allow me to have integration services recognized on the Hyper-V host, and I can now do Online backups of my Linux VM’s.

Because there may be someone else with the same issues as me, I decided to share my ebuilds on an overlay that is hosted here: https://github.com/nelsongraca/gentoo-overlay

The overlay has some other things that I had in my local overlay, the reason why, I have no clue but I figured it was a good way to keep all the packages I need together.

Hope it is useful for someone else.

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