TerraState – Web backend for Terraform

It has been a while since I last posted something here, today I am back with an announcement, a new project relase.

I am a huge fan of Terraform I have been using it for some years so far to mange infrastructure on AWS, I’m not going to dive into the details of what it does and how it does it, it can be summed up that allows you to mange your Infrastructure as Code and allows you to easily create a new environment for deployment, or even re-create, all of this requires a state file, this file is where terraform stores all the information on the current state of your infrastructure so it can tell the differences between your code and the current state of things, this is usually done with a terraform.tfstate stored on the root directory, but when you share it with a whole team, even using GIT it can be messy if someone does major changes, suddenly you have a ton of conflicts, and Terraform is trying to re-create resources that already exist but were gone from the state. A solution for this is to use another backend and that is what this project aims to be yet another Terraform backend an HTTP one to be specific.

You may be wondering why the effort of developing another one since there are some around if you search for it, mostly an excuse to learn a little bit more about Kotlin I have been curious about it and it seemed like a nice toy project, well this one got a little serious and ended up being something usable, I have yet to deploy it at my current job, but I plan to use it, maybe even extend it a little more.

You can check it here.

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